James P has amassed a diverse portfolio and comes with many years experience.  He delivers work to a high standard and is consistent.  Aside from Photography he is madly into Go Kart Racing and when he hasn’t got a camera in his hands he’s holding on to a  steering wheel.  Never go Go Kart Racing with James P, he will leave you for dust… (speaking from personal experience).  If he ever retires from Photography he has a promising career ahead of him in Motorsport!


James A is a great Photographer who loves to travel and explore new places.  You’ll normally find him abroad shooting in some exotic location and eating the finest cuisine.  He is creative and has had to grow broad shoulders as James P and I often tease him because he is the only one that shoots with Nikon photography gear.  James P and I swear by our Canon gear so there is always a healthy bit of banter RE which manufacturer is best!?