...a 30 something who has the best job in the world!  No really, I do.  If someone were to give me millions of pounds today I would absolutely wake up the next morning and continue shooting weddings.  Granted, I’d probably be waking up on a hammock in my beachfront house in the Maldives…  

I love my job and love capturing moments that will preserve a story forever.  I imagine my photos being viewed by your great, great, great, grandchildren hundreds of years from now. 

Aside from my love of Photography is my love of good food and if I wasn't a Photographer I'd probably be a professional food taster (I wish).   I'm vegetarian though so no meat or fish for me - Linda McCartney is my best friend! 

Music is a big part of my life too.  I love live music and can normally be found at the front of a concert singing (very badly) and dancing.  I promise not to sing at your Wedding!




When my wife and I look through our Wedding album we are able to relive our day and it actually makes us appreciate each other even more.  In fact this is what inspired me to start my Photography business and offer a complimentary Wedding Album (I like to call them Storybooks ) as a gift to every couple.  I wanted to be a part of that process and to give other couples the same feeling.  

You will feel that same warm feeling every time you view your photos, as they call back to mind what was expressed and how it made you feel.

Please feel welcome to view all sections and photographs on my website and get in touch to say, “Hi”